Kyusho Atemi-Waza Vital Point Striking Techniques

Knowledge of Vital Points or Kyusho is essential in both understanding the more complex interpretation of Kata and in dealing with more powerful opponents in life threatening situations.

In short, a vital point is that part of a body which, when struck with sufficient force, angle and accuracy, can render the opponent incapacitated, unconscious or even dead. Many explanations exist to describe the effect, from Eastern philosophies, to Western science. The important point however is the drastic effect on the nervous system which, if improperly praticed, can lead to headaches, nausea, unconsciousness or worse. It is therefore, strongly advised that interested Karate-Ka seek expert tuition from Masters such as Sensei Rick Clark and alike in order to learn the safety aspects and the physical instruction needed to effect the information described here.

Important: Vital points should never be used against people over 40 years of age, people with heart disease, on drugs or medication or, if in doubt, at all! This information is intended to improve your knowledge and is not meant to be used without the supervision of a qualified instructor. We take no responsibility for the use of information found here.

    Jodan Kyusho (Upper Body Vital Points)

  1. Tendo (Crown of the Head): This covers the region from the top of the head to the back of the neck. Shuto, Tsuki or Tetsui are particularly effective in this area.
  2. Tento (Area between Crown and Forehead): Attacks made with hand techniques of potentially lethal effect.
  3. Komekami (Temple): Clearly lethal region particularly susceptible to Tsuki or Ippon Ken.
  4. Mimi (Ears): Big sensation acheived by attacking both ears with cupped hands.
  5. Miken(Bridge of the Nose): Potentially lethal by striking the nose with Teisho or Tsuki.
  6. Seidon (Area Above and Below the Eyes): Vunerable to attack from most Te-Waza.
  7. Gansei (Eyeballs): Can be hit using Ippon Nukite, Ippon Ken etc.
  8. Jinchu (Region Below the Nose):Good point for most Te-Waza.
  9. Gekon (Below Lower Lip):Similarly vunerable to good Te-Waza.
  10. Mikazuki (Jaw):Particularly effective when struck with Empi or Hiji-Ate.
  11. Dokko (Behind the Ears):Mastoid Process: Susceptible to any point strike (i.e. Ippon Ken, Ippon Nukite etc).
  12. Keichu (Nape of Neck):Again, vunerable to most Te-Waza.

    Chudan Kyusho (Middle Body Vital Points)

  13. Shofu (Side of Neck):
  14. Sonu (Base of Throat):
  15. Hichu (Adam's Apple):
  16. Danchu (Sternum):
  17. Kyototsu (Base of Sternum):
  18. Suigetsu (Solar-Plexus):
  19. Kyoei (Below the Armpits):
  20. Ganchu (Below the Nipples):
  21. Denko (Between 7th and 8th Ribs):
  22. Inazuma (Side, Above Hips):
  23. Myojo (Below Navel):
  24. Soda (Between Shoulder Blades):
  25. Katsusatsu (Between 5th and 6th Vertebra):
  26. Kodenko (Base of Spine):
  27. Wanshun (Tricep):
  28. Hijizume (Elbow Joint):
  29. Udekansetsu (Arm Joint):
  30. Kote (Wrist):
  31. Uchijakuzawa/Miyakudokoro (Inside Forearm at Pulse):
  32. Sotojakuzawa (Wrist Edge Above Pulse):
  33. Shuko (Back of the Hand):

    Gedan Kyusho (Lower Body Vital Points)

  34. Kinteki (Testicles):
  35. Yako (Inside Upper Thigh):
  36. Fukuto (Outside Lower Thigh):
  37. Hizakansetsu (Knee Joint):
  38. Kokotsu (Inside Shin):
  39. Uchikurobushi (Inside Ankle Joint):
  40. Kori (Instep):
  41. Kusagakure (Outside Top Edge of Foot):
  42. Bitei (Coccyx):
  43. Ushiro-Inazuma (Below Buttocks):
  44. Sobi (Base of Calf):
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